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    » Risk Management

Risk management program checklists, such as a sample bid package checklist, claims administration checklists, security and property protection checklists, etc.

Claims Management » Claims Filing

P-C insurance claims checklists, interview statement guides, etc

Claims Coordinator's Checklist & Subrogation Checklist [11179] ?

Checklist used by claims coordinators employed by the state of Texas

Property Claims Checklist [pdf] [19357] ?

The following is a checklist of steps to take in the event of loss

Claims Management » Return to Work

Managing workers compensation costs by returning injured workers to work

Chapter 5 Return to Work Program [9428] ?

Full text of WC return to work program for state agencies in Texas - plus, checklist & forms

Return to Transitional Duty Policy [15571] ?

Full text of a return to work policy in use by a state agency - includes an audit

Claims Management » WC Fraud

Information on Workers Compensation fraud

Examples of Workers Compensation Fraud [20133] ?

Also identifies claimant and policyholder red flags

Workers Compensation Red Flags [doc] [12596] ?

Red flags checklist for claims professionals to use

Risk Mgt » Alternative Risk

Alternative risk solutions, RRG/RPG, captive insurance

Choosing The Right Captive Service Providers [19185] ?

A checklist of what you should expect from your service providers

Risk Mgt » Checklists

Checklists for risk managers

Business Continuity Plan Checklist [21743] ?

To assist with business continuity management process

IT Risk Management Checklist [35627] ?

To assist with information technology risk management

Risk Management Checklist - Communications Liability [pdf] [35624] ?

A checklist for reducing lawsuit risk related to intellectual property, privacy and communications liability

Supply Chain Risk Management Checklist [35626] ?

To assist with improving supply chain risk management

Risk Mgt » Forms

Library of forms used by the risk management department, sample RFPs

Case Management Techniques for Major Fire Losses [23626] ?

Checklist provides a snapshot into the many action items that must be faced on a major claim

Risk Mgt » Liability

Real estate liability, slip & fall exposures, non-profts, volunteers, , etc.

Volume IV: Liability Exposures [9430] ?

Full text of a liability risk management program for state agencies in Texas - plus checklists

Risk Mgt » Management

Concepts, issues, principles, and theories of risk management

Volume I: Risk Management Administration [9431] ?

Full text of the risk management program guidelines for state agencies in Texas - plus checklists

Risk Mgt » Product Liability

Product assurance manual, consumer product safety, etc.

Broker Selection Key to Managing Product Liability Insurance [21742] ?

Advice for product liability insurance broker selection

Risk Mgt » Programs

Full text of risk management policy and procedure manuals

RMTSA- Risk Management for Texas State Agencies [9426] ?

Full text of a four volume risk management program for state agencies in Texas - plus checklists

Risk Mgt » Property

Property insurance and risk management

Property Loss Preparedness Checklist [pdf] [19358] ?

The following is a checklist that should help determine your loss preparedness

Section One: Property Conservation Program [9429] ?

Full text of a property risk management program for state agencies in Texas - plus checklist

Risk Mgt » Public Liability

Public visitor liability, dog bites, premises security liability

Premises Liability - Burden of Proof [12595] ?

There is an art to building a premises liability case

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